50 seconds and counting

1 Dec 2000 | Cpl. Valerie A. Martinez

Marines and Sailors from Camp Lejeune, New River and Cherry Point Air Stations tested their marksmanship skills recently during the inaugural 2000 Infantry Team Trophy Competition here.

The Marksmanship Training Unit, 2d Marine Division, swept the competition and took home the trophy on the final day.

Twenty-three teams of Marines and Sailors tested their skills on the 500-, 300- and 200-yard lines in the sitting and prone positions, shooting 256 rounds in 50 second intervals.

"It gives them a realization of continuous rapid fire designed to simulate stressful environments," said Sgt. Scott E. Bullard, marksmanship training instructor, Marksmanship Training Unit, 2d Marine Division.

The teams spent two days in an accelerated class learning about rapid fire and the fundamentals of marksmanship in stressful environments and two days on the range practice firing.

According to Bullard, the shooters represented the best marksmen throughout the division with former members of the national rifle and pistol team taking aim.
Shooters experienced real-life combat tactics while building morale during the competition.

"They were shooting with all the gear they would be required to wear during combat," said Chief Warrant Officer Carroll D. Duncan Jr., chief range officer from Waynsboro, V.A. "It is the closest thing they could be exposed to in combat with elements of the cold and stress adding to pressure to shoot well."

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Jon K. Mau, Bachelor's Enlisted Quarters manager, Headquarters Company, 2d Medical Battalion, 2d Force Service Support Group, said it was a unique experience for him.

"I volunteered to be a part of this," said Mau of Killeen, Texas. "This is something I normally wouldn't get to do."

The winning team received the Waldy Vince Sulik trophy and award.
According to Bullard, Sulik is a staff sergeant who recently retired from the Marine Corps.

"He worked here on the range and really pushed to have this kind of event," said Bullard of Lincolnton, N.C.

The competition ended Friday with each team taking turns firing their shot sequence and manning the pits.

"The level of competition the teams exemplified is a direct reflection of the high level of instruction that is given through the division units," said Bullard.