Base Access - Command Events
  • Unit and activity commanders may request to process visitors for command sponsored events via by-name rosters in the Installation Access and Registration Application (IARA). Deployment Readiness Coordinators or designated command representatives must create an “event” in IARA. See the Sponsor User Guide for instructions.
    • Command representatives should contact the visitor center prior to creating an event in IARA
  • IARA has two websites--a publicly-accessible site for visitors and a CAC-enabled site  for sponsors.  IARA’s publicly-accessible site enables visitors to request sponsorship in order to access the installation.  IARA’s CAC-enabled site verifies the sponsor as a Department of Defense (DoD) ID card holder and provides a means for the sponsor to create special events and manage the roster of visitors.  IARA also provides a way for the sponsors to submit rosters to the visitor center.  The visitor center then takes the submitted information, conducts the vetting process and designates each name on the IARA rosters with an approval or denial status. Approved visitors receive letters via  their provided email address with follow-on information and instructions to complete the process.
  • Homecomings require special attention.  Due to the nature and scale of this process, it is important for hosting units to coordinate with the visitor center early. 
    • Follow the below timelines for attendee sponsorship submissions in IARA.
    • The visitor center will identity-proof and conduct background checks on all requests, and issue DBIDS temporary passes that are valid for up to two weeks.
    • A unit representative will be provided space in the visitors center to distribute DBIDS temporary passes to guests on the day of event(s).
  • Please follow the appropriate timeline for sponsorship requests:
    • 1 to 25 people – submit request seven days prior to event date
    • 26 to 50 people – submit request 10 days prior to event date
    • 51 to 75 people – submit request 15 days prior to event date
    • Over 76 people – submit request 30 days prior to event date

Visitors are directed to report to the Camp Lejeune Visitor Center (Bldg. TT-13) to obtain a DBIDS credential. Visitors will have their identity validated, be subject to a criminal background check (conducted when pre-registered on IARA), be photographed and digitally fingerprinted. Visitors who are driving are required to produce a valid driver’s license, state registration and proof of insurance. Wait times may be lengthy for visitors who do not pre-register using the IARA.

Questions: Please email

Per MARADMIN 595/18 and DoD Manual 5200.08 V3, driver’s licenses and identification cards marked "not valid for federal purposes," "federal limits may apply," or any other similar language may not be accepted by DoD for the purpose of unescorted access (i.e. to obtain a Visitor Pass or DBIDS Credential).

Sponsors can avoid the visitor center process entirely by meeting their guest at the gate and escorting them in person.