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January, 2011

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LHS & NHCL tie the educational knot January 31, 2011 — Three years after the founding of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in 1941, Lejeune High School was established with its first graduating class leaving the following year. Subsequently, Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune was commissioned in 1943 with a staff of 551 officers, nurses, corpsmen and civilians, providing medical treatment to both active-duty MORE
Wounded warriors participate in quail hunt January 29, 2011 — They were silent and diligent in their steps, carefully following the tenured dog wherever it went. A subtle breeze whipped across the field carrying with it the distinct odor of the prey - and the dog picks it up. Bounding over various obstacles, it leads the participants to a small collection of weeds, completely devoid of motion as it spots its MORE
Ranges' changes take effect, pit-alarm systems successful January 28, 2011 — In retrospect of the tragic event in 2009 when a service member was killed during training at the rifle range after a round ricocheted off a target, officials with Marine Corps Installations East directed safety administrators aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune to take preventative actions.Since then, ranges aboard the base have been fitted with MORE
NHCL psychologist named best in the Navy January 28, 2011 — From Sigmund Freud to Carl Jung and Erich Fromm, the field of human psychological analysis has grown substantially over the past two centuries. Examining the meanings of dreams and piercing the hidden surface of the sub-conscious are just a few examples of how psychological study has advanced many modern practices; for example, that of treating MORE
Camp Lejeune’s electronics recycling event has great turnout January 27, 2011 — Technology is always advancing by leaps and bounds. For the average person who wants to stay updated with the latest gadgets and electronic gear, updates and replacements are required constantly. However, all the outdated electronics can’t simply be thrown on the wayside or in someone’s dumpster.The Environmental Management Division, Marine Corps MORE
Fund helps service members achieve the American dream January 26, 2011 — Everyone, from the moment they started thinking of their future, wants the American dream: a family, their own home and a steady income. Now a non-profit organization is helping service members and Department of Defense personnel achieve part of that dream.The Military Housing Assistance Fund was created as a way for service members, national MORE
D'Amato: 'Education transcends political narratives' January 25, 2011 — A representative from Regional Command Southwest visited Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune to pitch an eyebrow-raising idea. With a morality check and some enlightenment from Maj. Nina D'Amato, education portfolio manager, RCSW, the proposal was embedded in the hearts and minds of those in attendance.D’Amato asked officers’ wives, teachers, community MORE
Pile driving a harbinger to base progress January 25, 2011 — As many tenants, employees and service members aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune may already know, one of the many construction projects underway aboard the base is the construction of a new traffic gate and a bridge running from the intersection of Bougainville Drive and Camp Knox Road to the intersection of Brewster Boulevard and Charles MORE
Historic Building’s room gets dedicated to irreplaceable employee January 21, 2011 — A classroom used by the Train the Trainer School aboard Camp Johnson has been dedicated to a long-serving employee who has helped instruct thousands of Marines and civilians, Jan. 21.Carl B. Wilson, a retired gunnery sergeant, spent 20 years in the military, served two tours as a drill instructor and worked at the Drill Instructor School aboard MORE
A new decade, a new way to steal information January 21, 2011 — The immense world of technology has grown unimaginably over the past three decades; for example, 31 years ago, Bill Gates was hired by IBM, the computer manufacturing company, to create an operating system for a new personal computer. Today, Gates is the second wealthiest man in the world with a net worth of $54 billion due to his following MORE

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