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Marines help make a local school a little greener October 17, 2006 — Twenty-one Marines with Headquarters and Support Battalion, Marine Corps Base, volunteered to help the Montessori Children’s School revitalize their landscape here Oct. 17. This is the start of what will be a continuing relationship with the school because the battalion has volunteered to adopt the school, according to Capt. James M. Bechtel, the MORE
Lejeune’s JROTC wins Naval Honor School Award for forth year in a row October 8, 2006 — For four years running Camp Lejeune High School’s Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps has claimed the Naval Honor School Award. “This is especially a distinct honor for me and the cadets because of our recent start in 2000,” said Joe Valore, retired Marine officer and senior marine instructor for the Marine Corps JROTC. The award is MORE
Domestic Violence Awareness Month observed on base October 7, 2006 — Purple ribbons twist on white banners surrounding the Lejeune Monument traffic circle marking Camp Lejeune’s observance of Domestic Violence Awareness Month beginning in October. In 2005 there were 186 substantiated incidents of domestic violence involving Marine families here, and nationwide a case of domestic violence is reported to authorities MORE
Wounded Warriors dive into scuba October 3, 2006 — The Jacksonville Rotary Club and AA Diving have teamed up to help Marines in the Wounded Warrior Barracks recover by becoming scuba certified here. John Burd, the past president of the club and a certified diver, heard about the need and presented the idea of taking on this project to the members. One week later, some members of the MORE
Dude where’s my car? October 2, 2006 — A foreboding notice covered in brilliant orange publicizes “WARNING This Vehicle WILL be impounded if it is not removed within 72 hours.” This is not a polite suggestion it’s a reality. The towing of privately owned vehicles is a daily occurrence aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune due to illegal parking, abandonment, inoperable vehicles and lack MORE
Who let the dogs out? October 2, 2006 — Dogs are mans best friend is a common saying, but who’s the dogs best friend when they’re stray?Here, a stray’s best friend is the Camp Lejeune Animal Control Office. Animal control is responsible for the pick up and handling for hundreds of domestic stray animals on base, said 1st Lt. Gabriela T. Swanson, operations officer for the Provost MORE
Military Police: Always ready September 22, 2006 — They are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys, they keep us safe and this is how they make sure their Marines are doing it.The Marines of the Headquarters and Support Battalion Camp Lejeune Military Police Company train year round to ensure their Marines are ready for all possible situations that may occur MORE
Data security and the Marine Corps September 18, 2006 — Every day, tens of thousands of Marines log on to their workstations, conduct their daily tasks and log off without incident, but what do you do when faced with the question of what you can or cannot use Marine Corps computers for? Marine Corps computers and networks, specifically the World Wide Web, are valuable tools for obtaining and MORE
New system for child managment lands on Lejeune September 11, 2006 — “Welcome” chimes from a terminal as parents scan their cards one after another to enter the office, but one parent is stopped, pulled to the side and spoken to by a clerk about something in their record. No this isn’t some scene out of a futuristic Stephen Spielberg movie this is the Children Youth Management System that began being used at Tarawa MORE
Retired CWO-4 continues to serve Corps September 1, 2006 — People measure their lives in different ways, some measure it by how many cars they own, some measure it by how much weight they can lift, and some people live their life to accomplish goals they have set for themselves. Roy Ells is the financial specialist with the Health Promotion Office, Marine Corps Community Services, and he helps Marines, MORE

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