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Archive: July 2005

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Paintball beneficial to service, family members July 30, 2005 — Three people make their way through a field filled with obstacles. They slowly walk around the obstacle with weapons ready to fire, when suddenly, a burst of gunshots filled the air. Instead of yelling for a medic or collapsing to the ground after taking fire, the group puts their hands in the air and walks off the field. This is not the latest in MORE
Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps visits Lejeune July 28, 2005 — Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. William L. Nyland, Headquarters Marine Corps, Washington, D.C., visited the Paradise Point Officer’s Club to share good food and conversation with Marine Corps Association representatives July 27. Nyland attended the luncheon to talk with active duty service members, retired Marines, dependents and MCA MORE
Freedom ride cruises through Lejeune July 28, 2005 — As Lance Armstrong was winning his seventh straight Tour de France Steven Hughes was biking his way down the East Coast for charity. Hughes, a retired chief master sergeant in the Air Force, visited here July 28 while traveling from Maine to Florida by bicycle to help raise money for Homes For Our Troops, which is based out of Taunton, Maine. MORE
A cheap way to get high, a quick way to die July 26, 2005 — While 64 percent of all American children play video games at least one hour per day, and 3.4 million children between the ages of 10 and 18 are involved in the Boy Scouts of America, a recent study shows at least 20 percent of all American eighth-graders have experimented with inhalants. Using inhalants is a rising trend with children between the MORE
The Camp Lejeune Environmental Conservation Branch takes steps to preserve the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpeckers July 22, 2005 — The Southern Appalachian Region is currently home to several endangered species of birds including the American Bald Eagle, Bachman’s Warbler, the American Peregrine Falcon, the Sandhill Crane, and maybe the most frequently encountered aboard Camp Lejeune, the Red-cockaded Woodpecker. These finicky birds once thrived in the pine forests stretching MORE
Archery season is just around the corner July 19, 2005 — Archery hunting season for deer is right around the corner and the Camp Lejeune Environmental Conservation Branch continues to maintain thousands of acres to suffice hunters' annual recreation of choice. North Carolina’s archery season begins Sept. 10 and ends Oct. 7, but Camp Lejeune allows active service members, dependents, retired Marines and MORE
Microchip technology helps lost pets find their way home July 14, 2005 — “Where could he have gone?” “How could I let this happen?” These are questions asked all too often by owners of missing pets. Losing a pet can be a disheartening experience for a person, and is often accompanied by feelings of guilt, confusion, helplessness and sorrow. A part of the family is lost and there is little that can be done, until now MORE
One-stop shop for mind, body and spirit July 13, 2005 — Physical fitness is part of every Marine’s life.  For some, the gym is their second home.  However, being healthy is more than big biceps and a first class physical fitness test.  A healthy lifestyle involves making the right choices for your mind and spirit as well.  That’s where the Health Promotion branch of Semper Fit, Marine Corps Community MORE
Preventive pool safety measures save lives July 12, 2005 — When the mid-summer sun shines down and forces people to the pool to beat the heat, many patrons do not take the proper safety precautions into consideration, which could possibly cost them their lives. “People think deep water holds no peril,” said Michael Carey, the aquatics instructor with Marine Corps Community Services. “However, water is the MORE
Instructors keep Marines in the black July 12, 2005 — Every Marine is expected to be proficient with the M-16A2 service rifle, and one of the most important people responsible for honing a Marine’s skill is the primary marksmanship instructor. The PMIs at Weapons Training Battalion here spend their time working to make sure every Marine is a rifleman, according to Sgt. Eric A. Aguilar, a PMI with the MORE

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