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Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

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FSSG sailors take top honors September 26, 2002 — Six 2nd Force Service Support Group sailors received the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal in a recent ceremony after winning the Marine Forces Atlantic Battle Skills Competition. This makes the third year in a row a non-infantry unit has won the event. Honored were Petty Officer 1st Class Ryan King, Petty Officer 2nd Class Demeak Williams, MORE
Task Force India returns from Afghanistan September 26, 2002 — After living in what most are calling a devastated and ruined city, the 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade's Anti-Terrorism Battalion returned home to open arms and smiles early Sept. 20. Task Force India, comprised mostly of Marines from I Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, spent the past three months in Kabul, Afghanistan, providing MORE
EOD tech tells Afghan story September 26, 2002 — For a lot of Marines, the thought of disarming explosives, probing and searching for mines, or disposing enemy ordnance is a bit daunting. Just ask Sgt. Michael J. Gattis, the Marine Corps' current Explosive Ordnance Disposal "Technician of the Year." He can tell people firsthand stories of flying shrapnel and fragmentation wounds based on his time MORE
NCO Day puts command in their hands September 10, 2002 — Anyone who had business to conduct Monday with 1st Battalion, 6th Marines may have been a bit surprised to find noncommissioned officers servings as the senior leadership.  As part of the Battalion's NCO Day, corporals and sergeants were in charge of the battalion. The Marines weren't just goofing off however - they with were tasked with solving MORE
Scare of a lifetime September 9, 2002 — "The most terrifying thing I've ever experienced in the world was laying there bleeding to death, wondering if I would ever get to see my son again," said Staff Sgt. Jeremy W. Wharton. After visiting his Marine Option Instructor at the University of Kansas, newly promoted Staff Sgt. Wharton hopped on his 2002 American Classic Edition 750 Honda MORE
Marines bombard desert floor; CAX 10 good learning experience for everyone September 7, 2002 — When a Marine officer decides to become a pilot, he simply isn't strapped into the cockpit and given a multitude of bombs, which he discharges at will. He goes through a series of rigorous schools, where he endures intense training. After school, the pilots must continue to train, honing their skills behind the stick. Training is the key to MORE
Bright, Shining star in desert; Pushes others, Find something YOU like September 6, 2002 — As we approach the anniversary of "a new day of infamy," a pessimist might complain, "He's still out there" or, "What do we have to look forward to, sending more of our American troops overseas?" It seemed in recent weeks that even America's pastime was in jeopardy, but the strike was avoided and the season continues. One 2d Marine Regiment MORE
25th Marines gets chance to fire MK-47; September 5, 2002 — A revolution in crew-served weapons systems is taking place and Marines have been tapped to join the insurgence. General Dynamics Armament Systems, in partnership with General Dynamics Canada and the Nordic Ammunition Company, unveiled the MK-47 40 mm Advanced Lightweight Grenade Machine Gun recently. With hopes of making the new weapon system MORE
Marines eager to get home; Some more than others September 5, 2002 — One of the hardest things Marines face, aside from earning their title is the deployed environment. The initial challenge separates you from everything you know - it is a new atmosphere. When Marines deploy, it is a similar situation. They aren't sure of their surroundings, they're filthy and exhausted, but after a period of time, through MORE
Mechwarriors train in desert; Combined mobility utilized, CAX 10 September 1, 2002 — Artillery fire screamed through the air overhead. The impact was visible for the tankers and amtrackers, whose heavyweight tracks provided the brunt force of the attack. They watched in awe as the enemy vehicles were turned into dusty piles of rubble. Camp Lejeune, N.C.-based Marines, participating in Combined Arms Exercise 10-02, recently MORE

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