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Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

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July, 2002

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'Ironhorse' sets example; tanker remembers where he came from July 31, 2002 — There have been many leadership techniques used in American history. Sitting Bull and Geronimo lead by example and protected a way of life. Vince Lombardi set the stage with his tenaciousness to win.  The great and late Dr. Martin Luther King portrayed selflessness like no other. "Don't forget where you came from," said Staff Sgt. Avon M. Paul. MORE
Boston, baseball celebrate life of former Marine Ted Williams; July 30, 2002 — "Gods do not answer letters," wrote John Updike in reference to the fact Ted Williams did not acknowledge the fans with a tip of the cap after hitting a home run in his final at-bat. Updike penned the line in the Oct. 22, 1960, essay titled "Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu" in the "New Yorker Magazine" the day after Ted Williams played his last game. The MORE
2nd Tank Bn. hits its mark; 'Ironhorse' ready for desert training; July 29, 2002 — "Tower, I have one round of(high explosive anti-tank) on the way," the tank commander radioed. "Send it," the master gunner replied. Not two seconds later, an intense fireball and an earthshaking BOOM explodes from the M1A1 Abrams' main-gun barrel - annihilating the target down range. Marines from A Company, 2nd Tank Battalion performed a MORE
Ted Williams embodied meaning of sacrifice July 29, 2002 — Whenever someone would mention the word hero and Ted Williams in the same breath, Williams would shake his head and say he wasn't a hero. He said there were many more heroes in his squadron, and that 99 percent of the pilots were better pilots than he was. We all know better; he is a hero. Williams is a hero to baseball fans around the world whom MORE
MAGTF-2 Marines blaze desert trail July 28, 2002 — "I was nervous because of the unfamiliarity of the terrain," said Lance Cpl. Brian Marinaro about riding a Marine Corps 650cc Kawasaki motorcycle through the sand and hills of the Mojave Desert. Marinaro, a radio operator with Marine Air Ground Task Force 2 here, is training with the rest of his Camp Lejeune, N.C.-based unit for Combined Arms MORE
CSSD-22 shining hotter than Mojave, Keeps MAGTF-2 operational July 26, 2002 — Each Carolina-based Marine and sailor of Marine Air Ground Task Force 2 has a vital role. There are light armored reconnaissance Marines, tank drivers and others to name a few. However, much of their success depends on an often forgotten MAGTF asset -- the hands of Combat Service Support Detachment 22. Many of these Marines and sailors arrived MORE
Radio operator passes torch, Marine returns to CAX with father's wisdom July 25, 2002 — "People often think of Chesty Puller or Smedley Butler as the model Marine, but I look up to him," Lance Cpl. Paul R. Parker III said about his father, Master Gunnery Sgt. Paul R. Parker Jr., 8th Communication Battalion's operations chief. Parker III, a 2nd Marine Regiment multi-channel, ultra-high frequency radio operator, is currently here MORE
Worldwide Commandants Conference visits Camp Lejeune July 24, 2002 — Marine Commandant General James L. Jones and commanders from 32 foreign countries explored the base recently as part of the East Coast United States Marine Corps facilities weeklong tour. The military leaders came together at the inaugural Worldwide Commandants Conference to discuss matters of reciprocal concern, including the future of warfare in MORE
MAGTF-2 lands; adds heat to desert floor July 24, 2002 — The latest Combined Arms Exercise warriors have arrived. More than 2,000 Carolina-based Marines and sailors are currently at Camp Wilson here. And by week's end, 3,000 Marine Air Ground Task Force 2 personnel will occupy the camp southwest of garrison headquarters. Commanded by 2nd Marine Regiment Commanding Officer Col. Ronald Bailey, the MAGTF MORE
U.S. Marines train with South American counterparts July 24, 2002 — Fourteen Marines and one Sailor from 2nd Marine Division traveled to South America recently to participate in the Riverine Phase of UNITAS 43-02 July 13-28. The mission of the exercise is to foster improved interoperability and relations with Marine and Navy forces from Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina, according to Col. Richard M. Lake, the MORE

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