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Recently it came to light that Marines have been indiscriminately posting inappropriate photos of fellow Marines online without their permission. Online sexual harassment, threats of violence, and other misconduct that demeans, degrades, and bullies fellow Marines is absolutely unacceptable. This despicable behavior cuts at the very core of who we are as Marines and erodes the sacred trust and confidence we place in each other as Marines. We owe it to each and every Marine to maintain world class installations that not only prepare warriors to go into harm's way, but also foster a culture of pride, dignity, and respect. If you witness this type of online activity, report it immediately.

If you believe you are a victim of this conduct, I encourage you to report it to your chain-of-command, law enforcement, uniform victim advocate, or victim's legal counsel and seek any necessary victim services.

Remember, we are Marines 24/7....even online. Marines, respect one another and protect what you've earned.

The following webpage contains a list of helpful resources to report online activity and more importantly, get help if you are victim. Don't wait. Act now!


Semper Fidelis,

Latest Announcements

Military Personnel Notice: CMC releases updated social media guidance

The CMC released an updated message addressing Marines' online behavior and how they can be held accountable for inappropriate activity. Read ALMAR 008/17 at for details.

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