Explosives Drivers Course (EDC)
Explosives drivers course (EDC) page

Classes will now be at the Camp Lejeune Base Theatre Building 19 on McHugh Blvd. Size is limited to 300 students. Registration nominations will be routed through unit MSC’s. For specific details about the course click here to see the AMHS released message.

Prerequisites: Candidate explosive drivers shall possess a valid Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card (OF-346) and a valid state license. Explosives drivers shall also take the AMMO-18-DL, "Basics of Naval Explosive Hazard Control". AMMO-51-DL should be completed as well prior to driving A&E. Courses can be taken online at this link.     Bring your OF-346 and AMMO-18 certificate to the class.

A copy of the student handout from the course can be downloaded here. Student Guide

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Chow:  There are multiple chow halls available aboard the base as well as independent food establishments.

Explosive Laden Vehicle Routes