Explosive Safety Inspection (ESI)


Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) Officer quarterly reviews not being completed

                   Policy Clarification on CMD AA&E Officer Inspection and Reporting Requirements

                           Example AA&E initial Appointment Inspection Results

                           Example AA&E Quarterly Review

•Ammunition and Explosives Audit and Verification Officer (A&E AVO) quarterly audits missing or incomplete
AVO expenditure report certifications late or absent all together 
Incomplete expenditure reports (NAVMC 11381)

Ammunition NSN/Lot Number Record (NAVMC 10774) not being used or completed

         –Initial, Monthly, Semi-annual, and annual inventories not annotated

Historical records not being maintained

Material Potentially Presenting an Explosives Hazard (MPPEH)/Material Documented as Safe (MDAS) not being processed within regulations

                –MPPEH processed in unsited locations

–Original markings not obliterated, missing MDAS certification documentation, MDAS not being segregated
Qualification and Certification
No training or certification for required family groups
Training does not support Qualification/Certification Level
Not recorded in eQual 
Medical examinations for handlers(incorrect med certs (OPNAV 8020/6))