What is an EMS?  An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a systematic approach to  ensuring that environmental activities of an organization are well managed and continuously improving.  For example, an EMS can assist an organization better meet it's compliance requirements, help an organization use materials and resources more efficiently, and streamline operations, thereby minimizing the impacts of missions and ensuring sustainability of missions.  Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act model, MCB Camp Lejeune has designed a system that will help ensure our commitment to environmental excellence.

MCI East - MCB CAMLEJ has a proven track record in environmental excellence.  The development of an Environmental Management System (EMS) provides the framework to take that level of excellence a few steps farther.  While recognizing significant strides have been made in achieving environmental compliance, the EMS provides for continuous improvement in integrating environmental considerations & accountability into day-to-day decision-making & long-term planning. 

The EMS Manual is a guide to the environmental programs, procedures and documentation established as part of MCBCL’s and MCASNR’s EMS. The EMS Manual plays a central role in implementing and maintaining the EMS. The EMS Manual evolves with the EMS and is viewed as a “living document,” subject to periodic review and revision.

Working Groups

The Installation Commanders for MCI East - MCB CAMLEJ and MCASNR have designated the EMS Working Group Members as having the primary responsibility for implementation and maintenance of the EMS.  Responsibilities are outlined in the EMS Structures, Responsibilities, & Programs Procedure.  The EMS Working Groups collectively develop, execute, and monitor the actions to achieve the environmental objectives, targets, and Plan of Actions & Milestones (POA&Ms) pertaining to their working group.  Communication is imperative, and it is the responsibility of the members to ensure that environmental practice owners are kept up to date on the status of EMS objectives, targets, and POA & Ms.  Further, Working Group members shall make sure that practice owners understand, implement, and revise, as appropriate, SOPs and training within their Commands and Departments.


DoDI 4715.17, Environmental Management System

On 15 April 2009, the Undersecretary of Defence for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics signed the subject Instruction.

Paragraph 2.b. states that this instruction applies to all DoD appropriate facilities and/or organizations worldwide, including installations; Government-owned, contractor-operated facilities; and DoD Components that are a host of or tenant on any DoD appropriate facility.

Paragraph 4.b. further states that the Environmental Management System is a vital supporting component of the DoD mission and is therefore the responsibility of all DoD personnel.  It is not just an environmental function responsibility, but requires active participation from all functions and organizations.

To read further, access the Instruction via the Department of Defense link below:

For further information on the MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River Environmental Management System, contact the Environmental Management System Program Manager at 451-5003.