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Extension of live fire training into range quiet hours
20 Jun 2014
Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Atlantic (EWTGLANT) is scheduled to conduct training involving fixed wing aviation, artillery and mortars after the normal midnight curfew until 2 a.m., June 24 through 27 and August 12 through 15.

EWTGLANT intends to fire 155mm artillery, 60 and 81mm mortars, release inert training bombs, and shoot 20 mm and 25mm guns from low flying jet aircraft into the G-10 range impact area to meet training requirements.

Joint Terminal Attack Controllers are required to complete a minimum of two night controls prior to certification. Sufficient night time does not exist during spring and summer months to execute required night controls. Every effort to mitigate noise and complete training prior to midnight will be made.

The community's patience and understanding is appreciated as the base strives to provide the best possible training experience for our Nation's Marines and Sailors.

For more information please contact EWTGLANT public affairs (757) 462-7340 or EWTGLANT_LTLC_PAO_WEB@NAVY.MIL.


Public Affairs Officer

Commanding General, Attn: Public Affairs, PSC Box 20005, Camp Lejeune, NC 28542-0005

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