School Bus Safety is paramount

18 Aug 2016 | Lance Cpl. Sean Berry Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

The new school year has arrived and school buses take back over the streets packed with school students eager to get back to school, are you aware of the rules of the road?

“The beginning of the school year can be a bit challenging for the bus coordinators, drivers, and students,” said Kathy Baker, the motor vehicle operator supervisor, Camp Lejeune District Schools. “Drivers should obey posted speed limits which may be different than what they are used to in school zones and during morning and afternoon hours.”

The transportation office reminds drivers to never pass a stopped school bus; children may run from in front of the bus where drivers cannot see them.

“Drive slowly, watch the edges of the road in neighborhoods and near schools,” said Baker. “Leave plenty of stopping distance. Consider leaving a little earlier for work to allow for delays when buses stop.”

Students traveling to school on the school buses should also be aware of their role in a safe trip this fall.

“Students need to stay seated while the bus is in motion, respect others, and keep their hands, feet and objects to themselves,” said Baker. “Noise levels should be kept low so that drivers can be attuned to road sounds and drive as safely as possible.”

Children whose conduct on the buses that cause the driver to lose focus or impact the safety of other students can be temporarily or permanently banned from riding the school bus.

“While children often know the rules for traffic safety,” said Baker. “Their brains are not yet fully developed and they can be distracted, impulsive, and forgetful. Adults need to take the lead when it comes to safety on the roadways.”
Drivers who don’t follow the school zone limits can have their driving privileges on base suspended.

If you see a school bus driver texting, talking on a cell phone, or otherwise driving in an unsafe manner, please report it immediately to the transportation office at Camp Lejeune District Schools or the county school bus coordinator.

“Patience is appreciated,” said Baker.

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