PMO reminds drivers: slow down

30 Jun 2016 | Lance Cpl. Sean J. Berry Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

The Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Provost Marshal’s Office wants to ensure service members and their families are driving safe during the summer season.
More than 6,000 vehicles leave Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune through the Wilson Boulevard gate daily, are you doing all you can to ensure you’re driving safe?
Since the beginning of 2016, there has been 11 single car crashes along the Wilson Boulevard merge onto Highway 17, with a majority of those crashes due to speeding.
"With that arena, especially because you’re merging on to the highway, we ask that people pay attention to the roadways," said Capt. Adam McKillop, Provost Marshal’s Office operations officer. "We want people to make it home safe after they’ve had a long day at work and to be mindful on your way home, to stay off your phones and to slow down."
PMO has placed radar signs at the Wilson Gate to remind drivers the speed limit is 25 MPH and to slow down around the tight curve.