Wilmington PD on board with 'Protect What You've Earned'

14 Apr 2016 | Lance Cpl. Sean Berry Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

The Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Provost Marshal’s Office, in collaboration with the Wilmington Police Department, reminds service members to do the right thing whether in or out of uniform through the Protect What You’ve Earned campaign.
"The Protect What You’ve Earned campaign is an ongoing II Marine Expeditionary Force initiative to promote awareness and take proactive steps to safeguard an individual’s career, rank and honor," said Lt. Marcos C. Vega, civilian officer with PMO. "This initiative is a collaboration with leadership, local communities, service members and their families."
PMO along with the Wilmington Police Department urges service members to take proactive measures when out on liberty to avoid taking risks that can potentially end careers.
"The majority of these incidents involve some form of impairment," said Vega. "These range from assault, assault on police officers, driving while impaired, intoxicated and disruptive and underage consumption."
To take preventive measures, service members should be familiar with the "Off-limits establishment list" and keep the phone numbers of unit leadership on their person.
They should also practice safe liberty habits, such as establishing a sober designated driver if consuming alcohol and being aware of limits and knowing when to stop.
"We love the Marine Corps, we want Marines to come here and be able to have fun," said Cathryn Lindsay, assistant public information officer for the WPD. "Even off duty, they still represent the Marine Corps and it gives the organization a bad name when they aren’t upholding their commitment."
The Wilmington Police Department and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s PMO have had a connection for more than 30 years, said Lindsay. If a service member is arrested out in town, a representative from his command has to be the one to get them out.
"The biggest consequence is losing one’s honor to a mistake in judgement; we all lose when a service member makes bad decisions on liberty," said Vega. "Protect What You’ve Earned is not just a campaign, it’s a dedication to your families, your fellow service members, and to our country."