Lejeune’s education center allows opportunities for development

7 Jan 2016 | Lance Cpl. Sean Berry Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s Education Center, located at 825 Stone St., provides opportunities and assistance for Marines, their families and Department of Defense employees looking for a way to continue their education.

"We’re here to help service members, their family members and anyone who’s DOD affiliated with the process of going to school," said Johanna Rose, an education specialist at Camp Lejeune’s education center.

"We can walk them through the different types of financial aid," said Rose. "Our goal is to have service members get a degree without having any sort of school bills at the end."

The center offers both a four-week daytime program or a six-week evening program to refresh Marines on their basic math and English skills," said Dayna Gibbs, education technician and lead for the tuition assistance program.

The center helps service members even after their time in service is completed.

"As a prior Marine, I can tell you for a lot of fields in the Marine Corps that it’s not convenient to go to school; we say let’s start with one class at a time," said Rose. "We look at each service member’s situation and as educational specialist our job is to help you reach your goals, and we’re going to give you the tools you need."

"Everybody has a different learning style," said Lynne Huller, an education technician at the center. "No one customer is the same as someone else, it’s definitely customized to that student and their goals."

The flexible style of the center’s programs allows Marines to take classes even while deployed.

"We’re available to go to the service members," said Rose. "Our goal is to get marketing to remind students that we are here, so we can help them get started or continue on with a college education."