Civilian Leadership Development employees honored

3 Dec 2015 | Cpl. Jared Lingafelt Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Marines and civilian personnel gathered at the Paradise Point Officers’ Club on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune to recognize the hard work civilian employees from around the base have accomplished to set themselves apart from their peers Nov. 18.

After the attendees finished eating, more than 100 civilian base employees were distinguished for various achievements, including participation in the Civilian Leadership Program and educational pursuits while maintaining their current job status and working full time.

"We recognized more than 62 participants for being very active in the Civilian Leadership Development program," said Lynette Ward, training and development specialist at the Workforce Learning Center.

Civilians recognized completed programs to further their job skills and leadership development.

"The CLD program is Marine Corps wide and offers ways for civilian employees on the base to make themselves more marketable for higher positions and gives them different job skills," said Ward. "To be active in CLD you have to have an individual leadership plan and they have to be working on a minimum of three leadership skill competencies."

The CLD program participants weren’t the only individuals recognized at the ceremony, patrons who conquered their educational goals also stood apart.

"It is and always remains a direct reflection of the outstanding stature of our civilian workforce at Camp Lejeune," said Debbie Pryer, an administrative assistant with Marine Corps Installations East. "Not only is this a tribute to each individual participant and recognition for the academics, but it is also an accolade to this command’s return on investment for the Marine Corps Installations East-Marine Corps Base forward mission."

Encouraging all employees to seize the opportunities of education and leadership training, Pryor said the investment can only benefit the participant.

"I would highly recommend that all aspiring and seasoned leaders continue to pursue such a unique opportunity to strengthen and expand the leadership potentials and abilities."