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A round leaves the chamber of a Marine’s M4 carbine assault rifle during Expeditionary Operations Training Group’s close quarters tactics course before he switches to use his pistol at Camp Lejeune, N.C., Nov. 3, 2015. These drills tested the Marines with 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion’s ability to change between the two weapons systems, simulating a malfunction or depleting their ammunition. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Dalton A. Precht/Released)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Dalton Precht

EOTG instructs 2nd Recon on Close Quarters Combat

9 Nov 2015 | Lance Cpl. Miranda Faughn II MEF Headquarters Group

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - Expeditionary Operations Training Group hosted a five-week-long close quarters tactics course focusing on combat marksmanship training at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Nov. 3.

During the course, Marines with 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion became proficient in shooting the M45A1 close quarters battle pistol and M4 carbine assault rifle, perfecting their skills and honing their ability to fire at close range by extracting simulated targets, maneuvering in small hallways, and clearing buildings floor-by-floor.

EOTG instructors are preparing the Reconnaissance Marines for a future deployment with a Marine Expeditionary Unit, by challenging the Marines with advanced close-quarter drills and working in teams to complete their objectives room-by-room.

Staff Sgt. David Wilson, the lead instructor for the course, described the course as a way for the Marines to maintain their capabilities to shoot various weapons systems, along with allowing them to brush up on skills they already know.

“They are coming out to refine the fundamentals of marksmanship and to enhance it. We’re trying to make them as accurate as we can, because that is what is expected of them,” Wilson said.

The Marines improve on the knowledge they already possess by repeatedly performing the different drills.

“The drills teach marksmanship, speed, and finding that fine line between shooting fast, and accurately,” said Staff Sgt. Jared Kingery, a team leader with 2nd Recon.

The instructors continued to test the Marines on how hastily they could switch between shooting with the M4 and the M45A1. This was conducted in order to observe their ability to switch weapons in the event of rifle malfunction or ammunition depletion.

Wilson said the rest of the course consists of shooting with night vision goggles and infrared lasers, close quarters tactics in small buildings, and eventually close quarters tactics in urban environments.

“We want them to take away combat marksmanship [skills] that we are teaching them,” Wilson said. “[We teach them] in the safest and most tactical way possible, so they all can come home.”