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Crossing the danger zone between two buidlings, Marines from Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, secure entry to the building they are to clear as part of their military operations in urban terrain training aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C., Aug. 26, 2015. They began with team movements and worked their way up to sqaud-level sized movements. (U.S Marine Corps photo by Pfc. Miranda Faughn/released)

Photo by Pfc. Miranda Faughn

2/2 use realistic scenarios to prepare for real possibilities

27 Aug 2015 | Pfc. Miranda Faughn II Marine Expeditionary Force

Splattered with blue and pink paint from 5.56 caliber simulated rounds, Marines of Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, conducted military operation in urban terrain training, aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C., Aug. 26, 2015.

During the exercises the Marines started with lower level entry, worked their way through interior movement, exterior movement about a fire team size, eventually worked up into the squad level. where they integrated assault support security to secure an objective.

To make the exercise as realistic as possible 5.56 caliber simulated rounds were used. Sgt. Benjamin Peplinski, a squad leader with the company, says that for the Marines it gets the blood moving, it gets them thinking, it causes the hesitation that they try to get rid of when it comes to these environments.

“We are conducting training in a MOUT environment, trying to develop our small unit leadership, as well as our urban skills. It applies to different scenarios: any kind of live environment, combat environment, or one that requires us to clear and hold, move from building to building and take and hold ground,” said Peplinski.

These exercises are in preparation for an upcoming deployment-for-training that will be heavily focused on MOUT. That will eventually help them with their Unit Deployment Program over in Okinawa, increase their proficiency at the skills they already know, and let them pass this knowledge on to our allied forces.

The battalion began with the building blocks of training and being able to train within the standards. The past few months have been heavily focused on MOUT for the company, and the skills were previously utilized in a battalion field exercise.

“I want the other Marines to take away confidence that they can analyze a complex situation in a MOUT environment… that they’ll be able to accomplish any mission in a MOUT environment.” said 2nd Lt. Kevin Thomas, a platoon commander with Fox Co.