Mountain bikers beware

17 Feb 2015 | Cpl. Joshua Grant Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Conservation law enforcement officers and range control personnel aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune are warning mountain bikers against unauthorized riding in training areas.

Recent incidents in the Bravo Charlie and Bravo Delta training areas along the Hicks Run Road have spurred the need to reemphasize regulations, said Paul Boniface, chief conservation law enforcement officer. 

All base training areas are unauthorized for riding regardless if they’re being used or not, he said. 

“A memorandum was published in 2011 shutting down the old bike trails and allowing those with access to ride in the Henderson Pond area,” said Boniface. 

The authorized trail for riding that was constructed after the memorandum is approximately 7 miles long and can be reached through Old Sawmill Road, or Piney Green Road.

Camp Lejeune range control and the conservation law enforcement office are trying to give people time to get educated before it’s too late, said Maj. Brian Strack, director of range control division aboard base.

“We want to make sure the public knows the limits are clear,” said Strack. “It only takes one in 100,000 stray bullets.”

Individuals caught in restricted areas riding mountain bikes can be cited for trespassing on federal property and permanently banned from base while DOD personnel may have their driving privileges revoked or face non-judicial punishment.

“It’s not just about handing out punishment,” said Boniface. “Our main concern is the safety of those attempting to ride bicycles in areas where there could be live fire or other training occurring.”

All cyclists aboard base are reminded they’re required to wear a helmet meeting SNELL or ANSI requirements. Riding at night is authorized with the use of a headlight and rear red reflectors or red light. Riding between evening and morning colors requires riders to wear a brightly colored vest with at least 30 inches of reflective material. The use of any listening devices or headphones while cycling is strictly prohibited at all times.