Learning the basics: Motorcycle safety course

12 Sep 2014 | Cpl. Justin Rodriguez

After losing more Marines to motorcycle accidents than Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2008, the commandant of the Marine Corps decided to implement a course to keep Marines safe on the road.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider’s Course was implemented in 2008, and offers military personnel the opportunity to receive the knowledge, skill and habits associated with safe riding.

The two-day course gives riders more than 15 hours of time with either their own or a training motorcycles, while practicing maneuvers needed to be safe, to include braking, cornering and balance.

Completion of the course is a requirement to purchase a motorcycle and ride it aboard the base.

The course gives participants everything needed for success, to include a training motorcycle, helmet and gloves.

“The course is all about getting those riders confident in their skill,” said L.E.McLewhorn, the course instructor with Cape Fox Professional Services aboard base. “Everyone absolutely needs this class before riding a motorcycle.”

Since the course was implicated, the number of deaths in motorcycle accidents has lowered drastically, he added.

After completing the basic course, riders are given 180 days to enroll in the Advanced Rider’s Course, which focuses on riders with more experience.

“ARC gives those riders the additional training needed,” said McLewhorn. “The riding drills are similar but the pace of the course is a lot faster to ensure the riders have the skill and confidence on the motorcycle.”

Riders are also given the opportunity to correct each other’s problems and meet others with the same interests.

“I have years of riding experience, but I learned things I never knew at BRC,” said Sgt. Ryan Wallace, an information assurance technician with Headquarters Support Battalion. “When I attended BRC, I learned things I may have never known that could save my life on the road.”

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