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Members of Headquarters Support Battalion run together as part of the stamina course, during the Commander’s Cup Challenge at Stone Bay aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, March 20.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Justin A. Rodriguez

Headquarters Support Battalion completes stamina course

20 Mar 2014 | Lance Cpl. Justin A. Rodriguez

Marines with Headquarters Support Battalion traversed obstacles while building camaraderie during the Commander’s Cup Challenge aboard Stone Bay Rifle Range, March 20.

The stamina course challenged the Marines with 10 obstacles over more than four miles.

“The course was very challenging,” said Cpl. Caleb Gill, distribution management specialist with HQSPT Bn. “My team was there with me motivating me the whole time. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through without them.”

Although the event was competitive, teamwork and camaraderie were encouraged.

“It’s good seeing the Marines motivate each other,” said Maj. Alphonso Oates, executive officer of HQSPT Bn. “Seeing them push each other throughout the day was awesome. The camaraderie I’ve seen today has been great.”

Some of the obstacles required Marines to work together as a team.

“Running up and down the hills was the hardest part,” said Gill. “Not falling behind was hard, but I tried to keep a good pace.”

Throughout the event, some Marines fell behind, but their fellow teammates joined them to keep them motivated.

“Myself and some others ran back (to those who had fallen behind),” said Cpl. Ethan Little, distribution management specialist with HQSPT Bn. “We finished the course as a team. It’s important to stay alongside your fellow Marines.”

Little added how important teamwork is in the Corps, to include physical activities.

“Seeing your teammates run beside you is motivating,” said Little. “I’m very glad to have had an opportunity to run alongside Bravo Company.”

“I had a great time seeing the Marines enjoy themselves today,” said Sgt. Maj. Toshia Sundermier, the sergeant major of HQSPT Bn. “They pushed themselves physically, but they all grew as a team to complete the race. Teamwork and support is vital in the Corps.”


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