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A Marine uses to plan a move to a new installation. Marines utilize the website and the Camp Lejeune Distribution Management Office to plan and complete the moving process.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jared Lingafelt

Plan your move online

6 Mar 2014 | Lance Cpl. Jared Lingafelt

Service members preparing to change duty stations can ease some of the stress by preparing and using resources provided by the Distribution Management Office.

In an effort to aid service members in the moving process, DMO provides quality assurance, screening and bookings for patrons.

Service members who have their orders are encouraged to come into DMO as soon as possible so they don’t miss their scheduled move dates during the peak season, which starts in April and ends in September, said Staff Sgt. Alicia Akhteebo, the personal property staff noncommissioned officer in charge, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, DMO. If service members wait too long to start the process, they won’t receive their belongings on time and can face more delays.

Online assistance speeds up the process, allowing movers to take advantage of self-counseling sessions and plan their own move to fit their unique needs.

Previously, service members were required visit a DMO counselor in person, but now it is done remotely, said Akhteebo. Members can visit and watch tutorials, go through self-counseling modules and set up their own move, she explained.

Although much of the moving process is now online, DMO is still a necessary stop on the road to a new duty station.

“At the end of your self-counseling session, you will print out and sign two forms,” said Akhteebo. “You will bring the forms to our office with a copy of your orders, we will go through and screen, verify and ensure everything is correct before booking your move.”

Service members are required to attend certain classes depending on the type of orders the patron receives, explained Master Sgt. Darnell Briggs, the personal property chief, DMO.

“As soon as you receive your orders with funding, come see us,” said Briggs. “It can be the difference of receiving your belongings within 30 days of your arrival to your new location, or waiting months.”

Go to,, or call the Camp Lejeune DMO at 451-2377 for more information.


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