Officials strive to improve safety awareness

11 Feb 2014 | Lance Cpl. Justin A. Rodriguez

Base officials are working to find new ways of keeping service members aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune safe.
Incidents due to drunk driving and unsafe driving conditions have led to the death of four Marines this year, which could have been avoided.
“Our primary mission is to keep everyone aboard the base safe,” said Maj. Robert E. Cato, the Provost Marshal aboard Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River. “The most important part of my job is ensuring everyone aboard the base drives safely and makes good choices.”
All four Marines who passed away this year were involved in vehicle mishaps, two of which were on Catfish Lake Road and two in Jacksonville.
The use of Catfish Lake Road is off-limits to base personnel due to accidents and unsafe driving conditions.
“We pride ourselves on being able to instill safe driving habits in the Marines and sailors aboard base,” said Stan Dutko, the director of safety aboard base. “Unfortunately, we’ve already lost four Marines in 2014. The goal is not to lose any more Marines and sailors. They’re our biggest priority and we do all we can to keep them safe.”
The safety department will continue to take steps to ensure base personnel stay away from unsafe roads, as well as drive responsibly.
“We ask all Marines and sailors stay safe when behind the wheel of a motor vehicle,” said Cato. “All base personnel are a vital part of Camp Lejeune.