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A vehicle lay overturned after sliding off the road and crashing into a storm drain in Jacksonville, N.C., recently. Jarrret White, a Marine Corps veteran and lieutenant with Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Provost Marshal Office, rescued the occupant of the vehicle.

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Police officer rescues overturned motorist in winter weather car accident

11 Feb 2014 | Lance Cpl. Jackeline Perez Rivera

An off-duty patrolman saved a man from the wreckage of a submerged vehicle in a storm pond during the recent winter-storm in Jacksonville, N.C.
Jarret White, a Marine Corps veteran and lieutenant with Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s Provost Marshal office, was driving home after a shift through Winter Storm Leon’s sleet when he saw a vehicle begin to slide and spin on the road. The vehicle then crashed into a storm drain, overturning and leaving the vehicle and driver submerged in the icy water.
White jumped into the water after seeing the car overturned, he used his issued baton to break through the window and assist the driver’s escape from the wreckage uninjured.
“I just acted,” said White. “I didn’t have time to think.”
The moment of selfless service brought pride to his fellow law enforcement officers.
“Anytime we have an officer do something amazing and rescue someone it makes us all remember why we do this,” said Staff Sgt. Joseph Anderson, 3rd platoon commander with the Provost Marshal’s office. “It’s something we should all be proud of and celebrate. The situation was unfortunate, but one of our officers acted fast and saved a life.”
While acting on instinct, White hopes others would do the same to help a fellow motorist under similar circumstances.
“Officer White rose to the ultimate calling,” said Provost Marshal Lt. Eric Quintero, the operations officer with the Provost Marshal’s Office. “We’re called to protect and serve. We hope all of our officers are able to rise to that expectation. Officer White was put in a position where he had been challenged and he absolutely met it and succeeded in it. We’re extremely proud of him,” said Quintero.