Arrive Alive providing Marines with safe ride home

11 Feb 2014 | Lance Cpl. Jackeline Perez Rivera

The Marine Corps Arrive Alive program promotes drunk driving prevention and helps Marines stay safe while on liberty.
The program allows Marines and sailors to contact participating taxi companies and give them the Arrive Alive card. The taxi driver will drive the service member to the battalion officer of the day, who will provide payment for the fare.
“Our leaders support the program and want all of our Marines to arrive alive,” said Sgt. Lady Prieto, a substance abuse control officer with Headquarters and Support Battalion. “Don’t risk your career by not utilizing the program. Marines haven’t used the program as much as we want because they fear they will be looked down upon on. We want to decrease the number of accidents and arrests our service members are facing for driving under the influence. The intent is force preservation. We want our Marines to stay in the fight and complete the mission.”
With the motto, “Arrive alive, don’t drink and drive,” the program has helped keep Marines safe during leave and liberty. However, renewed emphasis by base personnel hope to bring the program into the spotlight.
“The program allows Marines a safe alternative to return to base,” said Prieto. “There are no repercussions for a Marine who is intoxicated and utilizes the program.”
Prieto also said the program will prevent injuries of Marines and others.
The card is given out at any company office or new join brief. They can also be found at any battalion headquarters.
“The Arrive Alive program is very important and a vital aid to the Marines of the battalion,” said Lt. Col. Harry L. Gardner, commanding officer of Headquarters and Support Battalion. “The use of this program allows Marines to know they come home to the battalion and not have repercussions because they used it. We want the Marines to have fun, but to be safe. This program allows them that ability to know they will be taken care of.”