Changes to Marine Security Guard screening

11 Feb 2014 | Cpl. Joshua W. Grant

Marines interested in advancing their careers through the Marine Security Guard Program will experience new changes to the screening requirements.

The changes, published in Marine Corps Order P1326.6D, are implemented to vet a better applicant, said Master Sgt. Frazier Trusty, Marine Corps Installations East career planner.

“Becoming part of the MSG program promotes small unit leadership,” said Trusty. “We send some of our best Marines to guard the nation’s secrets in every country; they come back with a sense of unity, pride and most of all confidence.”

The changes to the requirements include: a 1st class physical fitness test, a minimum height of 64 inches, an adjudicated secret clearance and all annual training completed prior to applying.

Staff noncommissioned officers applying must have a general technical score of 100 or higher, their youngest child must be nine months old, no family member can be assigned to the Exceptional Family Member Program and spouses must have U.S. citizenship prior to applying.

“The MSG program not only enhances a Marine’s career, but also their performance record,” said Trusty. “If the Marine performs well in MSG, it can often fast track them to promotions.”

Current requirements for the MSG program include U.S. citizenship, no non-judicial punishments in the last 12 months, corporals and below must be single, have pro and con marks above 4.2/4.2, a minimum of 90 general technical score.

“Although there have always been certain requirements, some of them were not on paper,” said Master Sgt. Andrew Mejia, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group career planner.

“This new MarAdmin is proving Marine Corps leadership is listening to what the fleet is telling them,” said Mejia. “We commonly used the 64-inch height restriction when processing MSG packages, but it wasn’t official until now. The new changes are great because it further defines the Marines we are sending to embassies; it allows us to turn away unqualified Marines earlier and save time.”

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