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Angela P. Hamline, an account specialist with PPOUSA, a health care program, opens pamplets during the Federal Employee Health Benefit Wellness Fair at the Workforce Learning Center aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Nov. 6. More than 100 employees attended the event.

Photo by Cpl. Charlie Clark

Wellness fair brings health care experts, federal employees together

6 Nov 2013 | Cpl. Charlie Clark

More than 100 Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune federal employees attended the Federal Employee Health Benefit Wellness Fair at the Workforce Learning Center aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Nov. 6.

The annual fair offered government workers a venue to talk with health care experts during a time of open enrollment for federal health benefits.

“This wellness fair is here for the people,” said Vivian L. Molina, a human resource assistant with Civilian Human Resource Office East and a coordinator for the event. “We want to make sure our federal employees are well-informed about their health care plans, if any hike in rates or plan changes are coming and how those changes could affect them.”

Patrons had the opportunity to compare different plans, such as dental, medical and health insurance, with private organizations to determine the best care for them.

More than 18 health care experts, nutritionists, financial planners, fitness trainers and vendors provided information to attendees.

“My role is to help the federal employees review and evaluate where they are along their career progression to make sure they’re on target to achieve their retirement goals,” said Chuck Busack, a financial adviser for First Command Financial Services. “I help them find any holes in their plan.”

Health risk and disease prevention were among some of the topics at the fair.

“We have nutritionists to help educate the attendees, they can prevent health care risks before they have a chance to develop,” Molina said. “If everyone looks out for their well-being, it will go a long way with helping their health in the long run.”

Some vendors included Onslow County health and fitness businesses.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield hosted a flu clinic for patrons as well.

“This is really a wonderful way for me to make sure I’m cared for,” said Angela Kraker, a fair patron. “Everyone here has been so helpful to me; it’s just a wonderful experience.”

The fair offered a one-stop venue for patrons to receive information imperative to everyone’s health and wellness.

“I was stopped by one of the gentlemen who attended and was told ‘This is one of the best health fairs I’ve been to.’ It makes me happy to know they are leaving the fair happy,” said Molina.

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