Commissary to begin scanning ID cards, improve shopping

14 Nov 2013 | Lance Cpl. Joshua W. Grant

The commissary aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune will begin scanning Department of Defense identification cards during checkout, Nov. 11.

The program is a Defense Commissary Agency-wide system to help localize the consumer needs and no longer require store personnel to check ID cards.

The system will work much like the credit card system in terms of security, said Michael Dunn, store director for the Camp Lejeune Commissary.

“The system will not store any personal information about the customer, but will help each store gather demographic information and track the military branch of each patron,” said Dunn. “Camp Lejeune is known to have a lot of younger enlisted personnel and families, so they may sell a lot more diapers than other stores and this new system will help pinpoint that.”

The demographic information is limited to card ID number, rank, military status, branch of service, age, household size and duty station to ensure no personal information is used, such as name, address or phone number.

Dunn added the information gathered will be securely kept and safeguarded and only be used by DeCA.

“The methods, processes and information we’ll use will not compromise our customers’ privacy,” said Joseph Jeu, director and chief executive officer of DeCA. “We’re putting technology to work to better understand our customers and ensure the commissary benefit continues to remain relevant to them now and in the future.”

Patrons with older IDs or cards unable to be scanned, commissary employees will still be able to visually check the card to allow the shopper to check out.

The new ID scanning program started at Fort Lee, Va., Oct. 22 and is scheduled to be implemented in all stateside commissaries by January 2014.

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