MCCS hosts Amazing Race for Red Ribbon week

1 Nov 2013 | Lance Cpl. Justin A. Rodriguez

Marines from Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune raced for a drug-free environment during the Red Ribbon Event: Amazing Race Challenge, Nov. 1.
The challenge was an opportunity to put a creative spin on encouraging drug awareness.
The race consisted of a 4-mile trail run, with 10 obstacles for patrons to navigate through. After completing an obstacle, teams of four were asked questions regarding drug use prevention and health. If the question was answered correctly, the team was provided a card and allowed to proceed to the next station.
Since the Red Ribbon Campaign’s inception in 1985, the movement has provided drug awareness for millions of people around the world.
“I feel like this is a much more effective way of giving Marines the information,” said Roland A. Winston, the drug demand reduction coordinator with Marine Corps Community Services.
The campaign was started after drug traffickers in Mexico City murdered an American Drug Enforcement Agency agent in 1985. The red ribbon stands as a symbol of intolerance toward the use of drugs.
“It’s vital to keep Marines informed of the important information they need to keep themselves knowledgeable on drugs,” said Winston.
The course allowed Marines to complete annual training and challenge themselves physically.
“Usually Marines push through annual training with PowerPoint presentations,” said Capt. Patrick Sullivan, company commander with 2nd Radio Battalion, II Marine Expeditionary Force. “These courses should be utilized more often. The Marines who came out today all felt the course was useful.”
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