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Milo M. Mata, a Nine Pin No Tap Tournament bowler, bowls during the tournament at the Bonnyman Bowling Center aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Oct. 19. To compete in the next tournament Nov. 16, register at the bowling center by 5:30 p.m. the day of the competition.

Photo by Cpl. Charlie Clark

Bowlers strike up victory during tournament

19 Oct 2013 | Cpl. Charlie Clark

Down by two points in the eighth frame, Mike Sullivan refocused himself and knocked down four strikes in the last two frames to beat Steve Fredrickson 235 to 207 in the final round of the Nine-pin No Tap Tournament Men’s Division, Oct. 19.

The tournament is held every third Saturday of the month at the Bonnyman Bowling Center aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

More than 20 men and women bowled in the tournament.

In nine-pin bowling, knocking down nine pins is considered a strike, allowing for more competitiveness among the participants.

A perfect score of 300 is a common occurrence during a nine-pin tournament.

“It’s a different outlet for the competitive bowlers and bowlers who do something like this for fun,” said Skip Merryman, the bowling center manager. “I love helping people have a good time when they bowl. I’m a competitive bowler and know a lot of the times competitive bowlers have to travel out of town for a tournament.”

Merryman said the tournament allows bowlers who aren’t competitive to have fun and socialize without spending a lot of money.

Sullivan, the tournament’s champion bowler, won a cash prize of $80, Fredrickson won $40 as the runner-up and the September tournament winner and runner-up, Nick Page and Caleb Johnson, won $25 and $15 respectively.

“I put a lot into bowling, and what I get out of it is just a big reward,” Sullivan said. “I’ve bowled several 300 games, met great friends and had a lot of fun competing in tournaments like this one. I’ve always believed if you don’t have fun bowling, then you need to quit bowling. It’s all about having a fun time.”

Aubrey Rethrage won $55 as the Women’s Division champion. She beat Angie Fredrickson, the Women’s Division runner-up, in a heated and close match up.

“I had a good feeling I was going to win,” Rethrage said. “I love bowling with Angie and Steve because we’re all friends and like to hangout.”

Bowling is a sport anyone can participate in and offers service members the opportunity to let loose at the end of the day and have fun in a safe environment, Merryman said.

Bowlers must compete in four monthly tournaments to participate in the Nine-pin Super No Tap Championship slated for May 17, 2014.

A free entry for next month’s tournament was randomly selected and awarded to one of the competitors.

Two dollars from every bowler who registers will add to the cash prizes of the May championship.

To compete in the next tournament, register at the bowling center by 5:30 p.m. the day of the competition.

For more information, visit or call 451-5121.

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