Public Works Division always there for Marines

16 Oct 2013 | Lance Cpl. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera

When a pipe bursts or a window breaks aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, the Public Works Division’s Work Reception will find the right professional to fix it.
Every holiday, through all hours of the night and through every natural disaster, the office’s staff handles the many issues that arise in the base’s 156,000 acres. More than 500,000 work orders ranging from big emergencies, such as sewer issues, to small issues such as a dripping faucet.
“It’s all about taking care of the Marines,” said Rae Dyer, the lead maintenance control assistant with Work Reception. “Everybody here is committed to taking care of them any way they can.”
A staff of seven processes requests for facilities, structures, grounds and streets throughout Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station New River, Camp Johnson, Camp Geiger, Stone Bay Rifle Range and other local Marine Corps assets.
The staff does more than process work requests. They also lead callers to other resources and on some occasions perform minor repairs. Work receptionists also handle some of the contracts for maintenance tasks aboard the base.
The personnel come from many different backgrounds, but all have a history working with some form of maintenance and repair, and a few were service members themselves.
The need for efficiency comes from a need to be prepared for any emergency.
“You always want to make sure you stay ahead,” said Daniel Failor, the emergency maintenance coordinator with Work Reception. “You never know what the next call will be.”
But, the most important reason is to take care of the Marines who call Camp Lejeune home.
They see Marines day-to-day and speak to them about the maintenance issues that arise. The interactions help them keep the maintenance issues in perspective, said Robin Collier, a Marine veteran and a maintenance control clerk with Work Reception.
“We don’t see the Marines as just anybody,” said Tammie Clark, a maintenance control clerk with Work Reception. “They’re our boys.”

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