MCT Marines complete unknown distance course of fire

29 Sep 2013 | Lance Cpl. Justin A. Rodriguez

Marines take pride in being able to overcome the unknown. That starts as early as in Marine Combat Training, during the unknown distance course of fire.
Company I, MCT Battalion Marines engaged targets ranging from 150 to 400 meters with M16-A4 and M4-A1 service rifles.
MCT Combat instructors utilize the course to give students an opportunity to engage silhouette targets at an unknown distance, simulating a lifelike situation.
The unknown distance range gives Marines confidence to judge distance of the enemy.
The students were given practical application exams on effectively deploying the weapon and safety measures for the M-240 machine gun. Their effectiveness on the unknown distance course of fire was also evaluated.
“Once we finished our machine gun tests, we went up and shot on the unknown distance course of fire,” said Pfc. Nicholas S. Corrente, a Marine with first platoon, Company I, MCT Battalion. “I enjoyed shooting; my combat instructors taught me a lot today.” The combat instructors also utilized the day for training to ensure range safety while other instructors evaluated students.
“Today’s course of fire definitely built their confidence,” said Sgt. Lane O. Crochet, a combat instructor with second platoon, Company I, MCT battalion. “It gives them a solid memory of the enemy’s distance, and how they need to adjust to different distances while engaging. Accuracy and confidence was key today.”
At the conclusion of the four-week training, one platoon in the company is named honor platoon for being the most disciplined and best performing Marines in the company.
Company I’s training schedule began Sept. 24 and is schedule to graduate Oct. 22.
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