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Gunnery Sgt. John Glaister, Lejeune Bulldogs’ football team coach, watches his players during a practice aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Sept. 5. Glaister is a single father of four daughters and is an entry level instructor at the Personnel Administration School aboard Camp Johnson.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Joshua A. Grant

The man behind the gridiron

2 Oct 2013 | Lance Cpl. Joshua W. Grant

Jujitsu martial artist, recent college graduate, Lejeune Bulldogs’ head coach and single father of four daughters, all exemplify the character and drive of Gunnery Sgt. John Glaister, an instructor with the Personnel Administration School aboard Camp Johnson.

Glaister enlisted in the Marine Corps in October 1993.

After graduating boot camp, Glaister went on to become a personnel administration specialist and later won the Marine Forces Pacific Headquarters Service Battalion meritorious board and was promoted to lance corporal.

Glaister supported several humanitarian missions including tsunami relief, and the earthquake in Pakistan, as well as a deployment to Afghanistan before becoming an instructor aboard Camp Johnson in January.

Glaister said in his time spent at Camp Johnson, he has instructed and mentored more than 200 students.

“The Marine Corps is a massive organization, and we all play our part,” said Glaister.

Outside of the workplace, Glaister completed his bachelor’s degree in healthcare management from Southern Illinois University, which he said teaching is a possible route to take, but also considers Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Glaister added he also has many activities to keep him busy.

“I practice jujitsu in my free time to relieve stress,” said Glaister. “I have also coached pop warner football for the last three years and currently coach the Lejeune Bulldogs.”

Glaister added without his daughters’ support he wouldn’t be able to do so many things outside of work.

“They understand the long term goals of everything I do,” said Glaister. “They’re involved in a lot of stuff I do. My youngest daughter comes out to help coach the team a lot.”

Maria Glaister, who currently attends Lejeune High School as a senior, says her father is a great impact on her and her sisters.

“He is some of the influence, because of his success, for me wanting to become a dentist,” said Maria Glaister.

She added there is no one characteristic that could narrow down his personality, but he is always there for everyone.

With a vast array of activities outside the workplace, Glaister still excels as an instructor.

He is the high caliber Marine every command wants to have with them, said Chief Warrant Officer 5 Edward Stoots, officer in charge of education for the Personnel Administration School.

“It amazes me he can perform at the level that he does as a staff noncommissioned officer and instructor and still be able to do all the things he does in his off time” said Stoots. “When I think of him, I think of motivation and energy. He goes non-stop.”

Stoots said he is the type of Marine you can always count on and to perform at his best. He added Glaister will always seek out new tasks.

On the field or in the classroom, Glaister keeps moving and has no plan to stop.

Glaister said he is in zone for first sergeant promotion, but if he retires, he will continue to coach football.

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