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Alexis P. Gurganus, an Onslow County Fair patron, moves through a fun house during the fair, Sept. 30. “I didn’t think I would have this much fun here,” Gurganus said. “I’m really glad my friend and I came out here.”

Photo by Cpl. Charlie Clark

Families find fun at Onslow County Fair

2 Oct 2013 | Cpl. Charlie Clark

Bright, multi-colored lights flashed, roller coasters roared and zoomed and the laughter of families and friends filled the clear night sky during the Onslow County Fair, Monday.

Hundreds of excited local residents attended the fair for a frenzy of fun times enjoying an assortment of thrilling rides and food vendor stands.

“I love getting on the fast rides and the ones that make me feel like I’m flying,” said Gabriella M. Fuentes, a 3-year-old fair patron.

Fuentes shouted joyfully as she and her family climbed onto the big ferris wheel and started their ascent.

From the highest point, Fuentes gazed out and saw the blinking lights, spinning rides and crowds gathering in front of the circus stunt show.

The circus stunt show featured a rope climbing ballerina and a stunt man who drove a motorcycle in a caged globe around an assistant who stood in the center of the globe.

Fuentes couldn’t believe her eyes, she said.

“We do it to entertain the families,” said James A. Rutt, the fair concessions manager. “The families love it because they keep coming back each year and the fair grows more and more each year.”

As Fuentes ran to the House of Glass attraction, Alexis P. Gurganus, was already attempting to find her way through the window filled maze.

After finding her way through the maze, Gurganus, a fair patron, climbed the stairs to the second floor where a barrage of obstacles stood in her way to the twisting slide that would be the last adrenaline rush of the attraction.

“I didn’t think I would have this much fun here,” Gurganus said. “I’m really glad my friend and I came out here.”

Gurganus and her friend’s next adventure involved sitting in a hanging seat with their feet dangling as the ride made them skyrocket through the brisk evening air and spin at great velocity dozens of feet in the Carolina night sky.

The excitement of the ride descended as Gurganus came to a stop and she quickly moved through the crowd to the next attraction.

She passed a ring toss attraction where Phil G. Griffin, a fair patron, attempted to toss a ring on one of the dozens of bottles in front of him.

“I like to try my hand at fun stuff like this because I feel like my skills are being tested,” said Griffin.

Griffin added he loved the roller coaster and high flying rides, but enjoys challenging himself at the various attractions to win his girlfriend a stuffed animal.

The fair started Monday and is slated to wrap up Friday night.

For more information about the fair, visit or call 219-0929.

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