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A wide receiver from Special Operations Training Group tries to catch a pass as two defenders from 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion try to block the pass during the flag football tournament aboard Stone Bay Rifle Range, Sept. 21.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Joshua W. Grant

Teams battle for Stone Bay flag football championship

21 Sep 2013 | Lance Cpl. Joshua W. Grant

The 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion flag football team defeated Marine Special Operations Logistics Battalion 13-8 after crushing six other teams in a double elimination flag football tournament aboard Stone Bay Rifle Range, Sept. 21.

Aaron McCarthy, wide receiver for the winning team, said events like the flag football tournament are great for the units, because they spark intense competition while building camaraderie.

“It’s a blast to come out to compete against people we work with,” said McCarthy.  “The more teams that participate, more games we get to play. The more games, the more competition.”

The 2nd MSOB team went undefeated throughout the tournament, forcing numerous turnovers and securing a touchdown with a one point conversion to start off the championship game.

Seven-member teams played with adjusted rules requiring four players on the line of scrimmage for every play. Four downs were allowed to move the ball 20 yards or the ball would be turned over to the other team.

A touchdown gave a team six points, with the opportunity to score a point after. Teams could choose a one, two or three point option. One point conversions were played three yards from the end zone, two points from the 10-yard line and three points from the 20-yard line.

The logistics team lost their first game but battled back through the loser’s bracket to end up in the championship game.

Keylon Tyler, quarterback for Marine Special Operations Logistics Battalion, said team events keep the Marines from getting into trouble.

 “These events help build great unit cohesion, because everyone we played with on our team was from our unit,” said Tyler. “We got to be with our friends and people we work with.”

Elena Messenger, a sports coordinator with Marine Corps Community Services, said these events help encourage camaraderie within units. By participating with their parent unit, members take their rank off the playing field.

“It gets the Marines out of uniform on the weekends and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle,” said Messenger.

Messenger added the great turnout this year required shortened game times, but a flag football league will be created next year to help include even more teams.

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