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Dustin Miller, freestyle motocross rider, performs a superman seat grab trick for service members and families during an event held at the Marine Corps Exchange aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Friday.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Joshua W. Grant

Motocross stars roar through Lejeune

18 Sep 2013 | Lance Cpl. Joshua W. Grant

The main exchange aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune celebrated 116 years of exchange services through a freestyle motocross event, Friday.


Motocross stars Kenny Bell, Jeff Griffin and Dustin Miller rode their machines to great heights, showing support for the Marine Corps while promoting safe riding.


The three riders performed back flips, seat grabs and many other tricks while jumping over their tour bus in the exchange parking lot.


“This is one of the more special events we do,” said Dustin Miller, freestyle motocross rider. “People show appreciation for the event, and we show appreciation for what they do every day.”


It’s best to learn how to ride safely on a local motocross track, Miller added. Getting a feel for the difference in pavement and dirt is important, as well as always wearing proper protective equipment, he said.


“I always had a fascination with dirt bikes, so it was awesome to come out and watch the motocross tricks,” said Sgt. Bradley Marincil, a diesel mechanic with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.


Marincil said he encourages his junior Marines to wear proper protective equipment and avoid bad decisions to ensure safety while riding.


Kaneko Davis, visual merchandise supervisor with the Marine Corps Exchange on Camp Lejeune, said the event was hosted to thank the customers for everything they do.


Exchange services operate more than 3,100 locations worldwide to facilitate the needs of all U.S. military branches.


“We expected around 500 patrons to be at the event,” said Davis. “We greatly surpassed that and filled the stands for each jump session.”


Catherine Bruggeman, manager of main exchange stores on Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River, said the store took full advantage of the event to promote motorcycle safety.


“They weren’t just a booth at the event,” said Bruggeman. “The announcers were passionate about safety and promoted Base Safety at every opportunity.”


Base Safety offers a variety of motorcycle safety courses including the 20-hour basic rider’s course and the eight-hour experienced course.

For more information on riding and motorcycle safety courses offered aboard Camp Lejeune, visit or call 451-5903.

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