Ground fights conclude final Commander's Cup

20 Jun 2013 | Lance Cpl. Joshua W. Grant

Headquarters and Support Battalion’s Security Company pinned the win during the ground fighting Commander’s Cup Challenge aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, recently.

Even with Security Company’s victory in the series’ final competition, Company I outshined all, receiving the competition’s coveted trophy for the most victories throughout the year-long competition season.

The four contending companies each chose six ground fighters to represent them in the competition.

Despite the challenge’s focus on a form of mixed martial arts, the chosen few held levels of Marine Corps Martial Arts Program belts ranging from grey to black.

Even before the ground games commenced, the opposing teams endured a grueling warm-up, working as a team through burpees, jump squats, push-ups, air squats and flutter kicks, performing 50 total repetitions per exercise.
After the draining opening exercises, the teams of six began the ground fighting competition in a kneeling position, each competitor’s knees pressed firmly against the ground.

When the whistle blew, the contenders advanced toward their rivals with a slew of strategies, which they developed prior to the competition.

The first ground brawl sent Company A and Company B digging their strength into the dirt, in pursuit of the championship title.

After clashing against the competition in an intense battle, Company B took the first round, knocking Company A out of contention.

In the second round, Security Company and Company I dueled in the mud and muck.

The round ended in swift victory for Security Company, earning the team a spot in the finals, and subsequently eliminating Company I.

The rounds’ referees were unfazed by the intensity, grit and grind of the competitors’ ground work.

Determined to keep the competition high, the refs pushed the two final teams even further, with a second round of warm-up exercises.

With the advantage of copious skill sets and greater stature, the six-man Security Company team secured June’s Commander’s Cup Challenge, as they overpowered Company B with brute force.
“When you have someone’s back, it builds camaraderie unlike anything else.

“I tried to submit to my attacker as I saw a teammate struggling with his opponent. I left my fight to help him out, because I didn’t want him to leave the fight. He’s my brother-in-arms – I can’t let him get out,” said Sgt. Brandon Price, of the Provost Marshalls Office special response team.

As the challenge came to a close, defeated Company I still had something to celebrate as they staked claim on the esteemed Commander’s Cup trophy, and reigned supreme over contending companies.