Struggling students receive help with AVID program

25 Apr 2013 | Lance Cpl. Joshua W. Grant

The fifth annual Advancement via Individual Determination career exposition exemplified the range of careers Brewster Middle School 6th through 8th grade students chose for a path to a successful college degree.
Since 1980, the program has enabled middle and high school students with support and advancement through higher education.

One of the organization’s key roles is offering tutoring services for the children in any area they may need, and to offer small group instruction. Another aspect of the program is the career exposition.

The event, called ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’, is designed to get the students thinking about their futures and what lies ahead of them throughout their education, explained Michelle Miller, the AVID program coordinator and 6th through 8th grade teacher.

Miller added one additional aspect of the program is a job shadow for 8th graders. The student makes arrangements with an individual who works in the student’s chosen field and the students actually go out and experience the selected job for a day.

The range of careers included attorneys, veterinarians, mechanics and chefs. Fifty-four students enrolled in this year’s program and it is the first year Brewster Middle School added 6th grade students.

The program is advantageous to the children because it enhances their study skills, builds confidence and assists with organization and time management, said Miller.

“The program assists students who may be under achieving and under recognized, but who have the potential to be academically successful and at the top of their class,” said Miller.

Eight grade student Briana Gibler displayed an exhibit at the exposition about her dream of being a Spanish teacher.
Gibler stated the AVID program helped her through the past two years and showed her what her options are.

“I chose being a Spanish teacher because it’s what I have been doing all my life and I enjoy the class,” said Gibler.