MCCS hands shears to American Clipper for future military haircuts

14 Jun 2013 | Cpl. Charlie Clark

American Clipper currently operates 92 barbershops aboard military installations, under different names.
This conversion is part of a corporate contract that will soon involve every Marine Corps installation around the world, initiated and approved by the Semper Fit and Exchange Services Division of Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps.

Currently, a basic haircut aboard Camp Lejeune is $6. This price will increase to $8 under the contractor.

While the contractor’s full pricelist is not yet known, prices for additional services are anticipated to be adjusted accordingly.
MCCS is currently not able to offer a debit/credit card option. The contractor will bring in a new point of sale system to each barbershop allowing customers to pay with major credit and debit cards.

The barbers will no longer be MCCS employees after June 29, but a number of employment options will be made available. All of the current barbers will be or have already been offered positions with the contractor.

Some would like to remain MCCS employees in a different capacity.
MCCS will accommodate them when and wherever possible.
At this time, the current barbershop locations will continue to operate under the usual hours of operation.

Changes may be made to these hours as part of a regular review of business operations.

There may be a few cosmetic changes initially, however all barbershops will undergo some renovations.

Additional improvements, such as the point of sale system upgrade, will be made as needed. The contract also requires periodic refresh and renovation upgrades to all shops.

For more information, visit the Marine Corps Community Services website at