Division matches decide best Marines Corps shooters on East Coast

1 Jun 2013 | Lance Cpl. Joshua Grant

The Marine Corps shooting team beat out the British Royal Marines shooting team by just 40 combined points in this year’s Inter-Corps Cup Rifle Competition.

The Marine Corps shooting team won the annual competition with a combined score of 2246 with an average of 23 V’s to the Royal Marines 2206 and 31 V’s.

Each team composed of eight members and top shooters were Marine Cpl. Antonio Diconza with a score of 290 with 23V and Royal Marine Robert Wilson with 289 and 26V.

The course of fire consisted of 20 rounds fired in 20 minutes from the standing position at the 200 yard line, 10 rounds in 60 seconds from the sitting position at the 200 yard line, 10 rounds in 70 seconds from the prone position at the 300 yard line and 20 rounds in 20 minutes from the prone position at the 500 yard line.

Each competitor was scored out of 100 points per round of firing for slow fire and 50 points per round of rapid fire.

The Royal Marines trained outside their normal parameters firing the M16 for competition rather than the L85A2 used in annual qualifications.

“It’s a completely different type of competition shooting than what we’re used to,” said Warrant Officer Paul Mckiernan, chief instructor of the Royal Marines combat marksmanship team. “This concentrates more on pure marksmanship skill. Our annual qualification only goes out to 400 yards and our national competition takes a select few out to 600 meters. It makes the 500 yard line something different for us.”

It’s an honor to have competed in this competition with the Marines and we will be back next year, added Mckiernan.

Marine Forces Reserves’ Maj. Rummler earns ‘high tyro’ and first gold medal by just 10V’s in this year’s Eastern Division Match Championship.

Rummler beat out the Marine Corps Shooting Teams’ Cpl. Narendra Sookdeo’s score of 580 with 42V’s with a score of 580 and 52V’s. The ‘high tyro’ title was awarded to Rummler for never having competed in a Division Match competition before and coming in at top shooter.

Maj. Peter Rummler is an G-3 officer with Headquarters Battalion, 4th Marine Division.

“It’s an honor to receive this award and very humbling to be around all the great shooters here,” said Rummler. “I learned a lot while I was here and hopefully I’ll get a chance to come back.”

Alongside the individual rifle competition stood the individual pistol winner, Gunnery Sgt. Jason Hedrick, with the Marine Corps Reserve shooting team. He scored 573 with 23X’s. Hedrick beat Staff Sgt. Jonathan Shue of the Marine Corps shooting team who scored 567 with 14X’s.

Just two points each separated first, second and third place in the team rifle match. The Elliott trophy awarded to the 2nd Amphibious Assault Battalion with a score of 1124 and 86V’s followed by 4th Marine Divisions 1122 and 75V’s.

The Edson trophy and the division’s team pistol winner went to Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island rifle team with a score of 1054 and 20X’s. Parris Island edged out 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing who scored 978 with 14X’s.