DoD pay charts now easier to find through Total Pay app

8 Mar 2013 | Lance Cpl. Joshua Grant

To date, more than 35 billion applications for smart phones have been downloaded from the Apple app store, and with so many available, originality can sometimes be hard to come by.

A vision to help thousands of others understand the complexity of the Department of Defense’s pay charts has led to the development and release of the unique Total Pay application.

“I had a vision to get service members and Marines more involved in their military finances,” said 1st Lt. Matthew Pagan, combat logistics officer and creator of the Total Pay application.

The application was created to be user-friendly and work with all military branches. Pulling information from all DoD websites, the application can calculate base pay for any situation or location a service member may need.

Before this app was created service members were required to go through the Installation Personnel Administration Center aboard their base or through the disbursing office in order to acquire information about their pay.

The application also covers the General Schedule pay charts for service members close to retirement who still plan to work for the government, said Pagan.

Along with GS pay scales, the Total Pay app includes updated information on pay raises, bonuses, base allowance for housing and cost of living abroad.

With the application open to the public it leaves room for anyone to purchase and review the app. Various reviews from active-duty users described it as a great app because all the numbers are found and added for you. Users also pointed out the benefit of the inclusion of special pay such as sea pay and combat pay.