2nd Radio Battalion heads out for extensive field training on new equipment

26 Apr 2013 | Lance Cpl. Joshua Grant

Communication is key in every workplace, but even more so for the military. Keeping up-to-date equipment is the first line of defense.

For 2nd Radio Battalion, Marine Headquarters Group, II Marine Expeditionary Force, recent equipment acquisition included new, lightweight satellites for field training. The newest arrival - the High Bandwidth Special Intelligence Team Terminal - meets the Marine Corps’ urgent request for new satellites to be employed.

The new dish provides the battalion the capability to pass collected data to intelligence analysis centers in near real time, resulting in timely and actionable intelligence product. It also provides an ability for the battalion to access national and theater-level intelligence networks.

HBSI-TT consists of two main subsystems. The radio frequency subsystem provides voice connectivity, while the network subsystem provides for internet requirements. This lightweight solution can be deployed in a matter of minutes.

Twelve Marines took part in the training and fielding of the new systems and were instructed on how to bring the new system online and conduct function checks. On the final day of training technical inspections were conducted on the equipment and the HBSI-TT’s were added to the battalion’s capability set for current and future operations.

“All the testing has already been completed, the gear passed its validation,” said Maj. David Arjona, project officer at Networking and Satellite Communications, Satellite Communications Systems, Marine Corps Systems Command. “This fielding is for the Marines to train on the gear before it’s turned over to them.”

MCSC will continue new equipment training and fielding to other units across the Marine Corps receiving the HBSI-TT.