Camp Lejeune wins USMC Large Fire Department of the Year

17 Apr 2013 | Lance Cpl. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera

Camp Lejeune’s Fire and Emergency Services has been on a path to self improvement throughout the last year and has been recognized for their efforts by being awarded as the Marine Corps’ Large Fire Department of the Year.

Throughout 2012, the fire departments aboard base sought accreditation through the Center of Public Safety Excellence.

“Getting the accreditation was a huge feather in our cap,” said Alfred Wortman, the assistant chief of operations with fire and emergency services.

To earn the accreditation, the fire fighters conducted self-assessments into every aspect of their work. The attention to detail helped fire fighters understand how even small or monotonous aspects are important to their overall day-to-day work, Wortman said.

Fire and emergency services found aspects of its service base fire fighters could improve through the self-assessments and have been progressing in their target areas.

“Fire service is more than putting water on a fire,” said Glenn Zureck the deputy fire chief of fire and emergency services.

In addition to putting out fires fire fighters teach fire safety throughout the community and conduct fire inspections throughout the base.

Camp Lejeune’s fire fighters are dedicated professionals, said Wortman. Many also volunteer firefighters in their home communities.

“They care very much about each other and the people we are sworn to protect,” said Wortman. “This is as much a way of life to them as it is a job.”

While members of fire and emergency Services are happy to have their work recognized, they continue to look for ways to improve their services aboard Camp Lejeune.