Gadgets, gizmos grab spotlight at Marine South Expo

17 Apr 2013 | Lance Cpl. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera

Manufacturers and service members received the Marine South Military Exposition April 10 and 11.

Representatives from 140 organizations throughout the country and the base came to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune to show the base’s Marines the latest and greatest technology available.

“It’s an opportunity for the defense industry and the Marine Corps to come together and identify and procure the best products and services to help the war fighter,” said Charlie Baisley, the expo’s show director. “The products and services displayed are as varied as the Marine Corps. (There are) things that go in the air, on the land and on the sea.”

Small mom and pop stores making specialized equipment shared the floor with big defense contractors, added Baisley. Products Marines have seen before showcased improvements and the latest features while new products pitched solutions to the Marines.

The venue offered the companies a rare opportunity to gain valuable end-user feedback from the Marines who use the products every day, said Baisley.

“You never know when one of these products is going to save a Marines life,” said Baisley. “It’s important to talk to them because ultimately the Marine Corps does not manufacture its own gear. Everything a Marine uses, wears or shoots comes from an industry. There has to be communication between the two or Marines are not going to be getting the best.”

Along with the products Marines use to get the job done, representatives from services such as Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and Marine For Life explained the services they provide.

The expo came to the troops aboard the base providing the opportunity for them to see a multitude of wares and services while remaining at MCB Camp Lejeune.