Stroller Warriors help beginners run 5K

10 Apr 2013 | Lance Cpl. Jackeline M. Perez Rivera

The Stroller Warriors of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune can be seen running and walking throughout the base’s exercise paths many times a week. They are, primarily military spouses, can be seen pushing babies and toddlers in strollers or accompanied by children pedaling bikes. Atlantic Marine Corps Communities has recently partnered with Stroller Warriors to help provide support to the program through its Lend Lease Community Fund.

Ryanne Baker and Analisa Jernigan, members of Stroller Warriors, noticed many new members were novices to running or were returning after an extended absence. Baker and Jernigan decided to teach a program to coach beginners so they could run a 5K, equivalent to a 3.1 mile race.

The program includes a weekly three-day workout, starting with reasonable running and walking intervals, building each week until the running intervals far exceed the walking intervals. Walking is eventually omitted altogether so the participant can run a 5k, said Stephanie Geraghty, the founder and coordinator of Stroller Warriors.

“Our main goal is to encourage military spouses to reach for goals they may not have been sure about on their own,” said Geraghty. “By hosting this program, we’re giving them a team they can depend on. All team members are accountable to each other to get their three workouts in a week and we’re providing a supportive environment for them to achieve the goal of completing a 5K.” She continued, “It’s something everyone can do even for those who don’t consider themselves runners or have run in the past. This program makes it achievable.”

The program concludes with a 5K organized by Stroller Warriors. By creating a Stroller Warriors 5K rather than joining an outside race, members can test their abilities in a comfortable setting said Geraghty. It’s also cheaper, she added.

Stroller Warriors does not charge for competitions however they suggest members make a donation to charity. AMCC approached the club with an offer to help support them through the Lend Lease Community Fund after noticing the group workouts happening near AMCC communities.

Many AMCC employees recently began to run together and were looking for local running clubs to support, said Dixie Lanier Johnson, the strategic marketing manager with AMCC.

“Running has really brought our staff together, we’ve really gotten to know each other,” said Lanier Johnson.“We’re excited to partner up with Stroller Warriors.”

The union means more than financial support. Employees of AMCC are also planning on running with Stroller Clubs members at the upcoming Wounded Warrior Run. AMCC helped other local military organizations in the past, notably Hope For The Warriors by donating $100,000 along with three homes.

“It’s really important they focus on spouses who may not be familiar with the area,” said Lanier Johnson. “It helps them feel more at home when they know people, especially since the military moves so much. Stroller Warriors is a great opportunity to make friends in the area.”

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