Grand Prix 10k Endurance Run a challenge to seasoned, rookie athletes

11 Mar 2013 | Lance Cpl. Jackeline Perez Rivera

For those who want to crawl through the mud or climb a cargo net among other obstacles through a 10k course, the time is near for February’s Grand Prix event, a 10k endurance course open to the public and scheduled for Saturday aboard Camp Devildog, a satellite camp of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

“It’s a good alternative to your usual workout,” said Mike Marion, the race coordinator and a fitness center manager aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. “For the Marines it’s something different than your three-mile run and it gives everybody an opportunity to see friends and meet new people.”

The Grand Prix is a monthly event scheduled by Marine Corps Community Services for all age groups and ability levels with challenges varying from half-marathons, 10 and 5k’s to mud and endurance runs throughout local communities and Marine Corps installations.

“We’ve had kids 7 or 8 years old come out and run with their parents along with seasoned athletes and folks who just want to have a good time,” said Marion.

The atmosphere is welcoming to everybody, with music and refreshments to rival any other local races.

“We’re running through some of the trails Marines run through while training here,” said Marion. “There are mud pits, trails and sand. It’s nothing that the average person can’t do but it’s going to be a challenge.”

While Marion suggests giving each obstacle a best attempt there are alternative exercises for obstacles individuals may not be able complete.

“If people can’t run a certain obstacle there is an exercise they can perform so they don’t have a better time than somebody who went through the obstacle,” said Marion.

Each Grand Prix event awards points to participants for completing the race, with extra points awarded to those who place in the top five of their age categories and those who place in the top three overall of their gender.

While it’s too late to take advantage of early registration for this event, in future events’ registering early guarantees a lower price and a shirt in the correct size. There are also separate shirts with the proper fit males and females

Due to construction the course is different from those participants in previous Grand Prix events may remember making it even more exciting for runners seasoned on this race.

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