Mentors lead professional, personal growth of mentees

11 Mar 2013 | Lance Cpl. Jackeline Perez Rivera

No Marine grows to their full potential without outside influence. Every Marine learns from those before. Call them superiors, teachers or leaders but each who provide guidance and advise their juniors are mentors.

In the Marine Corps, mentorship is an everyday action. Sometimes it’s informal, but for those who want more bang for their buck, the Marine Corps Mentorship Program provides more formal guidance for the mentor-mentee experience.

“Mentoring is not a new concept for Marines; indeed many are mentored by a Marine senior to them,” states Marine Corps Order 1500.58. “These informal relationships have a positive impact on our Corps. The MCMP provides tools to help Marine leaders improve their ability to interact with their Marines on a personal and professional level, help them set goals to improve the individual and team performance, and closely replicate at home station the relationships forged between Marines and leaders in combat.”

The MCMP is a way to ensure every Marine is mentored and provided with one-on-one leadership. The role of the mentor and the mentee are different, however every mentee is learning how to provide guidance to other Marines.

“The mentor provides guidance and leadership through conversation, experiences and setting the example,” states the Marine Mentor Guidebook. “The mentor is an experienced role model with a vision. That vision enables the mentor to synthesize the desires of his Marine mentee with the avenues of approach to achieve those desires. The vision is how you can help the Marine mentee reach their professional and personal goals. Ultimately achieving these goals will not only benefit the individual Marine, but will also contribute positively to the overall success of the unit.”

The mentees first role is to be receptive. They are to take the role of student and trainee, and be open to the guidance provided by leaders.

The mentor and mentee relationship does not end in junior ranks. The program was designed to give every Marine structure to receive guidance needed to reach their goals.

The program is one of many ways a leader can help boost their Marines. It takes a holistic approach, giving leaders a chance to help their Marines outside of matters relating to day-to-day work performance.

For more information see Marine Corps Order 1500.58.