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The thrills and chills of Terror Town will return to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Oct. 26 and 27 as well as Oct. 29 through 31. The haunted house is currently under construction and being prepared to scare the yell out of every guest who dares to enter.

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Terror Town returns to frighten Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

16 Oct 2012 | Pfc. Joshua W. Grant

A perennial Halloween favorite, with all its screams and shouts of fear, is on its way back to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune this year.

In the eerie darkness of Building 84, scary scenes are being constructed around every corner, to make this year’s Terror Town one of the most chilling ever.

More than 40 volunteers will be helping build sets, apply make-up and practice their acts to scare thrill-seeking crowds. Terror Town will run Oct. 26 to 27 and Oct. 29 to 31 this year and is located in the Hadnot Point Plaza.

Terror Town is a reincarnation of Haunted Forest, which was actually a faux forest setup within Marston Pavilion three years ago. At that time it was relocated and renamed because many people mistakenly perceived it as being in the woods.

“People were confused why it was called the Haunted Forest, and it was wasteful to cut down trees and put them inside,” said Charlie Miller, theater manager aboard MCB Camp Lejeune.

Terror Town has no set overall theme, giving the actors and patrons the ability to let their imagination run wild. The Vortex, a popular scene from last year will be returning this year.

“We allow our characters to walk through and create the theme themselves,” said Miller. “It helps them feel passionate about it, to make it their own.”

Admission to this year’s Terror Town scare fest will be $5, which remains unchanged from last year.

With the growing popularity of Terror Town, the expected attendance is more than 300 guests per night, said Miller.

With all the volunteer help, the hundreds of expected visitors are sure to get their money’s worth.

Children ages 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult. Due to a potential safety hazard, strollers, cameras, lights of any kind, including flashlights, food, drink, lighters, masks and umbrellas are not permitted. If you suffer from asthma, the fog may trigger an attack. Those susceptible to seizures are advised not to attend due to strobe lights.