Barbecue for the Wounded Warriors

4 Oct 2012 | Cpl Anthony J. Kirby

A barbecue brought a happy reprieve from appointments to the wounded warriors of Wounded Warriors Battalion-East aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Oct. 4. 

The North Carolina Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association 15-4 hosted the barbecue to show their support and care for the wounded warriors.   

Plenty of food was prepared for the Marines and staff of the WWB-E.  Not only was there the normal cookout fare with burgers, hot dogs, and beans, but there was also a whole split-open pig without the head on the grill and soft drinks available.  Marines in attendance expressed their appreciation and said the food was great. 

“I had a burger and a hot dog, it was pretty good,” said Gunnery Sgt. Marcus Williams, a WWB-E, platoon commander and battalion equal opportunity representative.  “(NCCVMA) knows what they’re doing on the grill, (the food) wasn’t over-cooked at all.” 

This was the first barbecue NCCVMA 15-4 held for the Wounded Warriors Battalion.   

“My main purpose is to let the Marines know I love the Marines, I love the Marine Corps, and I want the Marines to know that (NCCVMA) cares about them,” said H. T. Huchi, chapter commander for Onslow county NCCVMA 15-4 otherwise known as Hooch.  “It helps Marines out.  I spent 25 years in the Marine Corps, and did two tours in Afghanistan as well as Iraq so I know what (the wounded warriors) have been through.” 

Hooch said events like this barbecue are therapeutic to the wounded warriors and believes it helps limit thoughts of suicide. 

“We’re very humble and grateful for the services (NCCVMA) provide,” said Lt. Col. Nicholas Davis, WWB-E battalion commander.